Monday, April 30, 2018

PS Vita Hacks!! MolecularShell FTP on MAC How To

This is a video on how to enable your FTP Client on your Mac OSX using the Program FileZilla. This will allow you to wirelessly Connect to your PS Vita and transfer files over using the MolecularShell application.

Step 1:  Download and install the MolecularShell VPK by following this tutorial here.

Step 2:  Download FileZilla client and install the DMG on your MAC


Step 3:  Once installed, Open the FileZilla client and you will see the Host at the top left. Open MolecularShell on your Vita and hit SELECT to enable the FTP Client. Punch in the ftp://XXX/XXX/X/X:XXX to your host on your FileZilla and select Connect.  The ux0:/ is the root directory of your memory stick on your vita.

Now you can transfer files via FTP Client on Mac OS X

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