Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PSP MODS Convert PS1 Classics to EBOOT

This is a video on how to convert your PS1 Classics from BIN to EBOOT and run on your PSP running CFW 5.50 or higher.

POPS GUI:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/8t8o84ugo58s8ow/PsGUI300beta.rar

Step 1:  After Downloading the file above, extract all the files to a folder on your desktop called PopStationGUI so that way we're organized.

Step 2:  Download any ROM or ISO for PS1 and locate the BIN file. For ISO files you will have to Right Click and select "open with" and select your extraction program. Copy your BIN files to your C:/Desktop/PopStationGUI/Bin Files folder.

Step 3:  Run the PopStationGUI.exe and then select Browse for the PSX Image files and select the BIN or ISO you want. The output directory will already be given to you with the EBOOT folder being created in the BIN files folder.

Step 4:  If you wish to select Icon and Background images you can by selecting ICON.PNG witch needs to be 144x80 pixels and PIC1.PNG for background witch needs to be 480x272 pixels.

Step 5:  Hit GO to convert your files to EBOOT, Once completed put your PSP into USB mode and copy your Custom EBOOT folder to the x:/PSP/GAME folder and then run and enjoy.

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