Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone 4 Digitizer LCD Assembly Replacement

This is a video on how to replace your LCD Digitizer Assembly on your iPhone 4, This is for Sprint and Verision phones, The At&t model is slightly different but you can use this video as a guideline just as well.

Step 1:  Take out the Micro Star screwdriver and remove the Two screws at the bottom of the phone and slide the back off.

Step 2:  Remove the battery by removing the Two screws holding the Panel on and unclipping the batter, Pry it out with the Guitar pic like pry tool. You need the Micro Phillips head for the screws.

Step 3:  Remove the screws on the other two panels, one screw on the bottom holding the Speaker and Mic in place and then 2 more on the panel for the ribbon cable for the speaker and mic, then finally the top 5 for the board cover, 2 of these screws are of different size and need to go into the proper place when putting it back together.

Step 4:  After removing the panels, carefully pry the ribbon connectors out with the pry tool, then remove the Speaker and Mic from the bottom, after that remove the 3 screws holding in the board with the Phillips head and lift the board up from the bottom and slide towards you gently.

Step 5:  Remove the 4 corner screws on the inside of the frame and then the three screws on the sides of the frame so all together you're removing 10 screws, the corners are only for the corners and the sides are only for the sides. take a good look at how the assembly sits as well so you don't damage the new one when you put it in, also if there is a Bios CMOS battery (Sprint Usually) just pop it out it's only slightly glued. Now remove the Assembly.

Step 6:  Place the new LCD Digitizer assembly into place and then reverse the Disassembly process.

Congratulations you succeeded in replacing your LCD Digitizer Assembly.

Webtastic Homebrew Browser Works on PSP OFW

This is the newer replacement for the HTMLMaxEngine  you may remember from back in the day. This is called Webtastic, and I've signed it to work on OFW, How cool is that. Note though it will also work on CFW as well, but with PSP Go it must be put on a Memory stick in order to work properly.

Step 1:  Download the Webtastic1.11_Fixed_Signed and extract the files and you will see the Webtastic folder and in there there will be a PSP folder open that and you will see the Webtastic1.1 folder.

Step 2:  Put PSP into USB mode and access your Memory stick (MS) and go into the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder. Now Copy the Webtastic1.1 folder into the PSP/GAME folder from your extracted files and then exit USB Mode.

Step 3:  Go to the MS on your PSP's XMB and start the Application, it has a few bugs, like no cursor, but it is faster and works with OFW.


ZombieInf 2 Homebrew Game PSP

This is a Little Hombrew game called ZombieInf2. Basically your just running to the right shooting zombies and jumping lol, Bringing back jump and shoot man heres the download and how to install below.

Step 1:  Download and extract the ZombieInf2.RAR file and you will see the ZombieInf2 folder inside there.

Step 2:  Connect your PSP into USB mode and go to the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder, or for PSP go if you use HDD ef0:/PSP/GAME folder, and copy the ZombieInf2 folder to your GAME folder.

Step 3:  Exit USB mode and there ya go you can now kill zombies by scrolling to the game on the XMB.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frostwire For Ubuntu 12.04

This is the version of FrostWire for Ubuntu, Use this for Downloading and managing pretty much anything.

Step 1:  Download and select Open with... the Frostwire file below and once the download is complete, Ubuntu Software Center will open Automatically. It wont work the other way for some reason if you Save the file so be sure to select Open With...

Step 2: Click install and punch in your user password, the password you created when you loaded the operating system, and then Authenticate.

Step 3:  Once installation is done open FrostWire from the Ubuntu Launcher and it will load an set up the software according to the video, Seed downloaded Torrents, English, I Will Not... ETC.

Step 4:  Change any settings to your liking and apply Changes


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Audio Converter Ubuntu

This is a nice and easy Audio converter for Ubuntu that supports all Audio formats and converst them to OGG Audio to be compatable with Linux bassed editing software.

Step 1: Open Ubuntu Software Center and search Audio Converter and clickonthe one showed in this video, install and Authenticte.

Step 2: bassically just test it out :p

Video Editing Software Linux

This is Video editing software for Ubuntu. Simple and easy to understand and down below is the installation procedure.

Step 1:  Go into the Ubuntu Software Center and search LiVES and you will see the application come up, click on it and click Install.

Step 2:  Type your User Password that you created when you loaded the Operating System and click Authenticate.

Step 3:  Once installed, open the program and enjoy and explore it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Have Custom Wallpapers on Windows 7 Starter

This is a PC tutorial for Windows 7 Starter users, if you want a custom background wallpaper for your desktop, here's how to do it. You will need two things the file provided below and a Windows 7 Starter edition Operating system.

Step 1:  Download the file below with the link provided and save it, extract the files and you will see the Application file. Run the Application and allow it to install to your system settings.

Step 2:  After installing it will call for a Reboot so go ahead and reboot your PC

Step 3:  After the reboot, you'll notice their custom logo come up on the Desktop, open the program and manually choose the background of your choice and check the box in the left hand corner, if you want a slideshow on your Desktop check multiple photos and save the changes and presto! Backgrounds on Windows 7 Starter.

Link :

Boost your iPhones Cellular Signal

Believe it or not this booster actually works from what i can tell so I figured I'd make a video on it.

Step 1:  Go into Cydia on your iPhone and go to Manage, then go to Sources and click on Edit and then Add and add the source Click on Add and it will prompt you again and click on Add Anyways.

Step 2:  Go to the search tab in Cydia and search Signal Boost and download the one from the ihacksrepo, click on it and click Install and then Confirm and once its done return to Cydia.

Step 3:  Exit Cydia and locate it on your Springboard and open the App and it will load, say Signal is boosted, and automatically exit and believe it or not it actually helps a little bit lol

Water Effects on Springboard

This is a video on making your iDevice's springboard look a little more adventurous. This tweak is called Aquaboard - water effects. This you will need a device jailbroken on IOS 5 or higher and the source stated.

Step 1:  Go into Cydia and go to manage, and then Sources and click on Edit and then Add and type the source and click Add and it will prompt you again and click Add Anyways.

Step 2:  Go to the search section of Cydia and search "AquaBoard - Water Effects" (No Quotes) and click on the one from the ihacksrepo.

Step 3:  Click Install and then Confirm and once its done installing restart your Springboard and you will notice your Springboard has a watery look to it. Enjoy :)

Percent Status for Downloading Apps

This is yet another iDevice video that requires your device to be jailbroken on IOS 5 or higher and this particular tweak makes you be able to view the percentage of the App your are currently downloading from the App Store from Apple, This also works with updates as well.

Step 1:  Go into Cydia and go to the Manage tab and then click on Sources, then Edit and Add and add the source click on add and then it will prompt you again and click Add Anyways.

Step 2:  Go to the search tab in Cydia and search AppCent and you will see the one by the ihacksrepo, click on that one and click Install and Confirm and then reboot your Springboard once the installation is complete.

Step 3:  Download or Update an App and check it out

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Install CFW 6.XX PRO C All PSP Models

This is the newest PRO Custom Firmware PRO C for PSP firmwares 6.20, 6.35, 6.39 and 6.60 You can flash install this firmware running on OFW and install the Permanent Patch (CIPL) Flasher or use fast recovery for any other PSP thats not a PSP 1000 or 2000.

PSP 1000, 2000 Install:

Once you've downloaded the file 6.XX PRO C UPDATERS,  I will use the 6.60 Firmware for an example. Open the 660 PRO C folder and you will see the seplugins and PSP folder, Put your PSP in USB mode and open up the PSP folder in the extracted files and then the GAME folder, Inside that folder you will see PRO UPDATE, Fast Recovery and CIPL_Flasher folders, for the PSP 1000 and 2000 models Take the PRO UPDATE and CIPL_Flasher folders and place them in the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder and then exit USB and run the PRO UPDATE and then once that is done run the CIPL Flasher.

PSP 2000v2, 3000 and Go Install:

Once you've downloaded the File 6.XX PRO C, I will us 6.60 Firmware for the example. Open the 6.60 PRO C folder and you will see the seplugins and PSP folder, Open the PSP folder and you will see the GAME folder, Then open the GAME folder and you will see PRO UPDATE, Fast Recovery and CIPL_Flasher folders. Take the PRO UPDATE and Fast Recover Folders and place them in the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder, or if your using a PSP Go ef0:/PSP/GAME folder. Exit USB and run the PRO UPDATE, once that is done set up all your settings and then run the Fast Recovery and then your done. If your system ever crashes just use the Fast Recovery and you'll be back to normal.





Review CFW 6.XX PRO C

This is the newest 6.XX PRO C CFW or LCFW for All PSP models, Quick little review like i always do and if you like the way it looks be sure to watch my tutorial on how to install it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tethered IOS 6 Jailbreak

This is how to Jailbreak IOS 6 on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod 4th Generation, and the iPad 2.This is the new RedSn0w For the Tethered Jailbreak for IOS 6. This is a Developers Beta so do at your own risk and remember IT'S TETHERED so you will need the Program to turn the phone or device if it dies or you reboot it.

Step 1:  Download the Proper RedSn0w for your Computer wether it be Mac or Windows i have both and extract the files.

Step 2:  Download the IOS 6 for your specific device here are the links below

iPhone 5 GSM
iPhone 5 CDMA
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone 4 (3,2)
iPhone 3GS
iPad 3 LTE GSM
iPad 3 Wi-Fi
iPad 2 3G GSM
iPad 2 3G CDMA
iPad 2 Wi-Fi
iPad 2 (2,4)
iPod touch 4th gen
iPod touch 5th gen

Step 3:  Open RedSn0w and click EXTRAS and hit SELECT IPSW and select the IOS 6 you've downloaded and click the ADD CYDIA icon and click next and let it load, then without exiting RedSn0w go back to the maine screen and Click JAILBREAK.


Step 4: Wait for the reboot and click on extras and click JUST BOOT and then just boot your device tethered and your done. You will need to reboot a few times due to Cydia but just use RedSn0w again to boot Tethered.