Monday, May 13, 2013

PS3 CEX CFW (Custom Firmware) 4.41.2 REBUG Lite

This is the New CEX CFW (custom Firmware) for your Playstation 3 running on CFW, if you do not have CFW you will need to get and E3 Flasher and do the process to install the OtherOS 3.55 and than updated to this.


Step 1: Take a at least 1GB flash drive and format it to FAT32

Step 2: Create a new folder called PS3 and inside that folder make an UPDATE folder.

Step 3: Place the REBUG UPDATE into that folder and disconnect the USB and plug it into your PS3, go to System update and Via Storage Device and select it and wala.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Super Nintendo on PS Vita 2.06

This is the SNES emulator for your P Vita running the OFW 2.06 with the Apache Overkill Exploit VHBL.

Step 1:  Extract the files after downloading the SNES9X_TYL-thorwak-2012-09-08.rar and you will see the SNES9X_TYL folder, open that and you will see and INSTALL.ZIP and other files, open the INSTALL.ZIP

Step 2:  after opening the INSTALL.ZIP locate the ROM folder and this is where you place your SNES ROMS, drag and drop them into the folder and use STORE compression. Then Exit.

Step 3:  Copy the SNES9X_TYL folder to your Content manager folders on your PC, X:/Documents/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/XXXXXX folder.

Step 4:  On the PS Vita, open your Content manager and go to PC to Vita and then go to Applications and then SAVEDATA PSP/Other and you will see SNES, Copy that to the PS Vita System.

Step 5:  Run Apache Overkill and scroll to High Scores and hold X to load the VHBL, Then select (..) and the Select SAVEDATA, click SNES and install the Homebrew, Then click (..) again to go back and go to GAME and run the Hombrew.



Install Game Boy Advance GPsp on Vita VHBL 2.06

This is the Homebrew Emulator for GameBoy Advance running on your PS Vita on 2.06 OFW running the Apache Overkill Exploit VHBL.

Step 1: Download and extract the GPsp folder and open it, then open the

Step 2: you will see i already put the bios in there for you so now just place your wanted ROMS in the GBA/ROM folder (MAKE SURE TO USE STORE COMPRESSION)

Step 3: Exit the and save if asked and locate your Content manager folders on your PC called /PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/XXXXXXXX (XXXXXX Being a bunch of random letters and numbers)

Step 4: Place the GPsp folder in this folder and then go to the PS Vita.

Step 5: load Content manager and connect to your PC and go to PC to PS Vita, then Applications, PSP/Other Savedata and you will see GPsp, Copy it to the Vita.

Step 6: Load Apache Overkill and load the VHBL by scrolling to High Scores and Press and hold the X button untill the VHBL loads.

Step 7: Using the Wmenu, scroll to the (..) at the top of the list and locate the SAVEDATA folder, open it and you will see GPsp, click on it and it will ask to install this Homebrew, click yes.

Step 8: Go back using the (..) again and go to GAME and presto, working Emulator.



Install VHBL PS Vita 2.06 Apache Overkill Exploit

This is the new VHBL for your PS Vita running on OFW 2.06. You will need the Game Apache Overkill for PSP Minis installed on your system Memory stick so you'll need to download this from PSN, Unfortunately it's no longer on the PSN and you will need a third party way of doing it. Message me for questions.

You Need:
Apache Overkill PSP Mini
VHBL for 2.06

Step 1: Download and install Apache Overkill to the PS Vita System and you can either run the game and make a save data to make the folder on the PC with Content Manager or you can do it manually, I think the Automatic way is easier.

Step 2: Download and extract the VHBL files and when you open up the files you will see folders called EU and US and the readme.txt. Depending on what PSN account you have EU is Europe and US is United States.

Step 3: Open the following folder for your PSN account match and you will see folders called pymenu, wmenu, and ymenu. Only use one of these menus not all at once i used the pymenu in this video but i like the wmenu better haha

Step 4: open one of the menu folders and you will see the NPUZ00098PROFILE folder, copy this folder to your content manager folders for example mine is C:/documents/ps vita/psavedata/5bb5569b206fa851 You need to put the NPUZ00098PROFILE folder in the 5bb5569b206fa851 folder in your Content manager directory.

Step 5: after you copy the folder, go on the PS Vita and Start Content Manager. Go to PC then PC to PS Vita and Applications then, Save Data and you will see the VHBL icon for Apache Overkill Listed and Copy that to the PS Vita System.

Step 6: Exit Content Manager and Start Apache Overkill, Let the Game load to the maine menu and scroll to High Scores and Press and Hold X, The VHBL will now load.

Stay tuned for more videos on how to run emulators and homebrew and also be sure to wait for the CEX (Custom Emulation Firmware) as well.


Apache Overkill: PM

Android for iPhone iOS 6

This is the Android Dreamboard for iPhone, I've tested this on iOS 6 and it works great and its pretty dope, finally Android made right haha.

Go into Cydia and search Dreamboard and install it then respring your device and your done.

Then just open the application on the iPhone springboard and switch it over the the Android.