Sunday, May 5, 2013

Super Nintendo on PS Vita 2.06

This is the SNES emulator for your P Vita running the OFW 2.06 with the Apache Overkill Exploit VHBL.

Step 1:  Extract the files after downloading the SNES9X_TYL-thorwak-2012-09-08.rar and you will see the SNES9X_TYL folder, open that and you will see and INSTALL.ZIP and other files, open the INSTALL.ZIP

Step 2:  after opening the INSTALL.ZIP locate the ROM folder and this is where you place your SNES ROMS, drag and drop them into the folder and use STORE compression. Then Exit.

Step 3:  Copy the SNES9X_TYL folder to your Content manager folders on your PC, X:/Documents/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/XXXXXX folder.

Step 4:  On the PS Vita, open your Content manager and go to PC to Vita and then go to Applications and then SAVEDATA PSP/Other and you will see SNES, Copy that to the PS Vita System.

Step 5:  Run Apache Overkill and scroll to High Scores and hold X to load the VHBL, Then select (..) and the Select SAVEDATA, click SNES and install the Homebrew, Then click (..) again to go back and go to GAME and run the Hombrew.



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