Thursday, March 7, 2013

Replace Compaq Presario V2000 Keyboard

This is a video on how to Replace the Keyboard on a Compaq HP Presario V2000 model computer.

Step 1:  Remove the battery and the 5 Philips head screws in the battery bay, also remove the 6 screws on the bottom panel of the laptop on both the left side and right to the battery.

Step 2:  Flip the laptop over and open it and take off the top panel with the Power button and Wifi key on it. Use a Flat head screwdriver to pry from the Left and Right sides of this panel.

Step 3:  Remove the 4 Screws holding the keyboard in place and gently lift on the keyboard, detach the ribbon cable by gently pushing up on the right and left side of the two little white tabs and remove the keyboard.

Step 4:  Take the new Keyboard and place the ribbon in the groove with the Connectors on the cable facing up like shown, MAKE SURE the ribbon cable is all the way in and flush, push the little white tabs closed and Screw down the keyboard with the 4 Screws.

Step 5:  Snap the panel for the Wifi Key and Power Button Back into place and the simply flip the laptop over and return the 6 Long Screws to the outside frame of the laptop and the 5 Small Screws to the battery bay, Put the battery back in and try it out.

NOTE:  If you upgraded to windows Vista or 7 on he XP models of these computers and are having problems with the Wifi Driver, Go to and search your product, Download the Brodcom Driver for windows XP, extract the files to SWsetup, reboot your system and tap F8 and disable Driver Signature Enforcement, Go to Computer the Local Disk C: and SWsetup and open the folder and run the setup for the driver.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PS3 CFW Dowloads

These are the Custom Firmwares for dowload here, now i know youve all been waiting on them for a while so heres the process.

You need an E3 Flasher if your running OS higher than 3.55 to downgrade to 3.55 OtherOS CFW after that you can install the update to Rogero 4.30 CEX CFW and after that if you chose to you can update to SGK CFW 4.31.1 for PSN access.

3.55 OtherOS:

4.30 Rogero:

4.31.1 SGK:

More updates ASAP waiting on my E3 Flasher for downgrade.

Reload Windows 7 on Dell Latitude ST Tablet

This is a Video on how to Re-Install Windows 7 Professional on the Dell Latitude ST Tablet. This version of Windows 7 is the 32 BIT OS and is the only one compatible with the Tablet.

Tools You'll Need:
-Bootable Windows 7 USB (video: )
-Multi USB hub with Power supply
-2.0 USB Mouse
-2.0 USB Keyboard

Step 1:  Make a Bootable Windows 7 USB with the video to guide you above on another computer. Make sure you follow the video correctly.

Step 2:  Take the Latitude ST and leave it off for now, Take a 2.0 USB Cable and plug it into the tablet along with the USB multi Hub. Plug in the power supply for the Multi Hub as well.

Step 3:  Take the 2.0 USB Mouse and the 2.0 USB Keyboard and plug them into the USB Multi Hub.

Step 4:  Plug in your Bootable Windows 7 Professional 32 BIT USB stick to the Multi Hub and turn on the tablet.

Step 5:  Tap F12 key on your keyboard on boot to access the Boot menu on the Latitude ST and select your 2.0 USB Device and You should see Windows Loading Files.

Step 6:  Once the installer for windows comes up Click Install Now and then select agree to the license and terms and then click Custom/Advanced install.

Step 7:  Delete all the partitions you see, including the Recover because we will just make a new one, until you have 1 Partition of Unallocated space. Select that Partition and click New and use the whole thing and Windows will make a new 100MB Recover Partition.

Step 8: Allow windows to Install and once the Re-boot allow it to boot Windows 7 and run the rest of the installation.

Step 9:  On the final reboot it will say "preparing your computer for it's first use" and then it will boot the Desktop. All the drivers should install except the Wifi driver witch is below for download with the rest of the drivers you need.

Enjoy your Dell Latitude ST Tablet no running a Fresh copy of its original windows.