Saturday, December 9, 2017

Locked out of Micros Pos e7 Configurator

This is a simple step procedure on what to do if your locked out of your configurator on your Micros Pos e7 system. Step 1: Make sure you have your E7 software running on your PC and go to C:/local disk/program files/ Micros/e7/config folder and open your e7config.txt Step 2: look for the UWSObjectNumber and change the definition to 6 and exit and save. Step 3: Reboot your e7 software and it will boot into Configurator in "super user" mode. Click OK for all notifications and navigate to Employees category. Select the account that has been locked by the system and uncheck the box for account disabled and reset your password. Step 4: re-open your e7config.txt located in C:/local disk/program files/micros/e7/config/ and change the UWSObjectNumber back to 0 and exit and save. Now reboot your e7 software and now you can login to Configurator with your User ID and password no problem.