Monday, April 2, 2018

PS3 Hacks!! REBUG 4.65.2 Custom Firmware Install CEX/DEX Download

Team REBUG is at it again with another CFW for your Sony Playstation 3. You can install the REX base from any CEX base CFW and downgrade from any CEX base, D-REX can be installed from any DEX base CFW.



Step 1:  Download the proper CFW for you from the links above and plug a USB thumb drive into your PC

Step 2:  on the USB drive create a folder directory called PS3/UPDATE and place the REBUG Update into this folder and rename it PS3UPDATE.PUP

Step 3:  Plug your USB into your PS3 and scroll to system update and select update via storage media. It will scan your USB and then select the Update. Allow that to finish and your done.

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