Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PS3 Hacks!! CEX CFW! MultiMAN 4.82 Backup Manager (StealthMAN Install)

This is the popular MultiMAN for your CEX Base CFW PS3. This is a Backup manager so you can run your game backups from your ISO's or simply just exploit some of the cool settings. I will be showing you how to install this PKG on your CFW PS3


MultiMan Base: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wcrill47d6s8ja8/multiMAN_04.82.00_BASE_%2820180101%29.pkg

MultiMAN UPD (Stealth): http://www.mediafire.com/file/d5vvjcy3rih3u2k/multiMAN_04.82.00_UPD_%2820171128%29.pkg

Step 1:  After downloading the files above, take a USB drive and pop it into your computer, now copy both files to the root of the USB.

Step 2:  Remove your USB from your PC and plug it into your PS3

Step 3:  Navigate to the Packages Manager on your Game section on the XMB, press X and scroll to Install Package Files and then select the one for the root if the USB. Then install the BASE first and install the UPD second. When installing the UPD it may ask you if you want to continue because the latest version is already installed, just select Yes.

Step 4:  If you DO NOT have Packages Manager (REBUG CFW), Open your MultiMAN and select the settings bar all the way to the left and then select install PKG files, hit X to prep then TRIANGLE to install it will re-direct you to the XMB and then you can install Via Package Manager or simply by Installation Bubble.

Step 5:  Run your MultiMAN 4.82 and go through the process of accepting the users agreement, once you've done that, it will restart MultiMAN and you'll be running the Stealth version.

Enjoy!! :)

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