Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Micros Pos e7 How to Update Menu Items

This is the Restaurant/Store management software that possibly many business owners/managers use every day to program menus into certain categories and program items to be certain prices or have certain bar-codes etc.

This video will be covering simple name changing and price changing of certain items on your menu.

Step 1:  Load up your Manager/Owner screen but punching in your login security ID.

Step 2:  Punch in your (Case sensitive) password to log into Configurator.

Step 3:  Locate the item that you wish to modify, in my case it was the Travler Draft, Select the items and click on the "Main" tab.

Step 4:  Rename the item to what you wish, in my case it was Laguntias for a draft, then select the "Price" tab and change the pricing with a numeric value followed by a decimal, for example if you want it to be $1 you need to type 1.00 if you on type 1 it will end up being $0.01.

Step 5:  hit the Save tab at the top of the configurator menu and that's it your done modifying your item in your Pos software.

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