Monday, April 2, 2018

Easy to Use File Converter Audio/Video (HD Video Converter PRO)

This is a Program by WonderFox Inc. called HD Video Converter Pro. This program also allows you to Convert video to audio and vice versa if you wish.

Copyright Wonderfox Inc. 2018

NOTE: I own NO  rights to this software, Im just a tester for the software period.

Convert Video to other video formats
Convert Video to audio
Convert Audio to other formats
Download HTML Video and convert to audio/video
Upload finished results from program
Convert HD video to SD



Step 1:  Download the Install EXE and run. No need to run as administrator.

Step 2:  After install, select file you wish to convert and then select your output files and path with the selected tool bars.

Step 3:  Save your file and repeat the process for other files.


If your wish to download a video, copy the HTML in your web browser and then bast it in the download bar in the program, hit analyze, and then download your file.

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