Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MultiMan 4.80.00 CEX Base Custom Firmware for PS3 Stealth Install

This is the latest version of MultiMan with StealthMan patches 4.80.00 for your Custom Firmware (CFW) PS3 running a CEX base CFW.

Step 1:  After Downloading the file below, extract the multiMAN_04.80.00_BASE_(20160828).pkg.580.v04.80.00_brewology_com.pkg as well as the report_data.txt files to a Flash Drive and make sure the files are on the root of the flash drive.

Step 2:  Re-name the report_data.txt to anyfilename.self

Step 3:  Remove your flash drive and pop it into your PS3.

Step 4:  On your PS3's XMB scroll to *Install Package files. (If you do not have this, and you've already updated your MultiMan you may have to downgrade your CFW inorder to use MultiMan to update) Then select MultiMan 4.80.00 PKG and update Multiman.

Step 5:  After updating MultiMan, run the application and go to your file browser and access your USB000 or USB001 as shown in the video and double click on the anyfilename.self file. This will install the StealthMan patch files for 4.80 and will return to the XMB after it is completed.

And that's it your done

Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/qw4cc3dgxyd9abv/multiMAN_ver_04.80.00_STEALTH_%2820160829%29.zip