Monday, April 2, 2018

Install CFW 3.65 HENKaku Ensō on PS Vita

This is the new CFW 3.65 HENKaku Enso delivered to you by The Fl0w, This is a permanent Patch for your PS Vita running the 3.60 HENKaku Exploit. Just make sure you follow this video to a T and you'll be in good shape.

NOTE:  I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong and neither does The Fl0w.

Step 1:  Install the HENKaku Exploit on your PS Vita by following this video here:  This will show you how to install MolecularShell on 3.60

Step 2:  Install VitaShell 1.82 by downloading the file below and following this video here:

Step 3:  After Downloading the MolecularShell with the 3.60 HENkaku and installing VitaShell 1.82 now we can get everything ready for the CFW install. Download the files below.

Step 4:  Plug your PS Vita into USB to your PC and open your VitaShell, Hit SELECT to activate the USB connection and your ux0: root will automatically come up. Copy the Updater.vpk to the root of ux0:  and then copy the PSP2UPDAT.PUP to the following directory. "ux0:/app/UPDATE365

Step 5:  Exit USB mode with the VitaShell and install the Updater.vpk from VitaShell. Exit VitaShell and then reboot your device.

Step 6:  Once reboot is done re-install the HENKaku Exploit after that do not run anything else and run the Updater from the XMB of the Vita.

NOTE:  Make sure your Config.txt is generic and that you have no Plugins installed when you do.

Step 7:  Now your Updater is going to say either your file is corrupt or that it doesn't exist, this is normal DONT PANIC!! Open your VitaShell and activate your USB connection and navigate to ux0:/app/UPDAT365 and you'll notice that there is no longer a PSP2UPDAT.PUP there but there is other files, this is the update file extracted. Just simply place the PSP2UPDAT.PUP here again and then exit VitaShell and reboot again.

Step 8:  Re-install your HENKaku Exploit once again and then run the Updater again from the Vita's XMB and it will load!! Press X at the command to continue and then Press X again at the second command. It will copy the PSP2UPDAT.PUP to ur0: and then bring you to the System update. It will install and automatically reboot and there ya go!!

Enjoy your CFW 3.65 Enso

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