Tuesday, April 3, 2018

ISO to CSO For Modded PSP/Wii Windows 10

This is a Video on how to take either your PSP or Nintendo Wii ISO files and compress them to CSO to save space on your Memory Sticks or System Storage. You need to have modded consoles in order to use these CSO files FYI!! :)

ISO Compressor:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/te1g7s3jof135zj/isocompressor_setup.exe

Step 1:  Download the file above and install the program by following the on screen directions. Once the program is installed get your hands on a PSP/Wii ISO file.

Step 2:  Run the program and Browse for your ISO files in my case i used the Dungeon Siege file shown in the video. If using for a Nintendo Wii file or ISO check the box for Wii obviously.

Step 3:  Select Level 9 Best compression and start the Process. Once the process is done Plug in your PSP/SD card for Wii and for PSP copy the CSO to X:/ISO or for the Wii copy to the Root of the SD Card.

All you have to do now is test the CSO on your PSP by selecting it from the game section / Select the CSO from your Game manager homebrew installed on your Wii.

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