Friday, May 18, 2018

PS Vita Hacks!! Setup SD2Vita Adapter 3.65 HENKaku Enso

This is a Video on how to set up your SD2Vita Adapter for your PS Vita running 3.65 HENKaku Enso. This will also work for 3.60 HENKaku as well for those of you running the Exploit.

TF Card Files:

Step 1:  Download and extract the files above and take your Micro SD and your Adapter for your PC and plug it in.

Step 2:  Run and install the Win 32 Disk Imager from the EXE and then run that program.  Select the corresponding Letter ( in my case it was D: ) and then select the image called zzblank and the write it to the drive.

Step 3:  Once complete, unplug your adapter and then plug it back in and then you will be asked to format the drive. Select exFAT, Default Allocated Size and then Quick format. Once complete its time for the PS Vita.

Step 4:  Plug your PS Vita into your PC and run VitaShell and hit select, Copy the TF Card Plugin Tool to your ux0: and then exit USB mode.

Step 5:  Run the VPK installation from VitaShell on your Vita, Hit X to install and then YES at the two prompts. after that run the TF Tool from the the Vita XMB.

Step 6:  Select SD2Vita=uma0: Memory Card=ux0: and then press O (Circle) this will install your suprx pluigin and modify your configuration.txt and enable you to use your adapter!!

If you want to use the SD2Vita Adapter for your main drive (ux0:) Copy all your Folders and files from ux0: and copy them to the root of uma0: and then run the TF Tool and select SD2Vita=ux0: Memory Card=uma0: and your good to go.

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