Friday, May 18, 2018

PS Vita Hacks!! Fix VitaShell on 3.65 HENKaku Enso with SOS

This is a video on a homebrew tool called HWC-SOS for your PS Vita running 3.65 HENKaku Enso.

If your having problems with your VitaShell working based upon corruption or simply not working after the swap of uma0: to ux0:  then this is the video is for you.

NOTE:  If you DO NOT have a working VitaShell and you need it to install this VPK, search for the VitaShell link from the Flow and download using Content Manager in HENKaku settings.


Step 1:  After Downloading the file from above open your VitaShell or MolecularShell and activate your USB/FTP connection to your PC.

Step 2:  Copy the VPK to the root of ux0:/ and then exit the connection.

Step 3:  Install the VPK via VitaShell or MolecularShell by selecting the VPK and hit  X at both installation prompts. If you have the TF Card reader Application installed you can use that as well to copy the file to your Vita and install it.

Step 4:  Now you can run this program anytime you have a problem with VitaShell or accidentally delete it!! If you have the TF Card Swap problem now is the time to swap back and run SOS.

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