Sunday, July 7, 2013

StealthMan V4.40.01 CEX Base PS3 Backup Manager

This is the MultiMan Sing Star for 4.XX CFW's on your PS3 System. This is the StealthMan Version for safe online use. Use this to manage your files and Game Backups and other settgs and such with your PS3. You will need a USB at least 1GB, and your PS3 Obviously.

Step 1: Download the files from below andextract te files till you see the MultiMan.PKG file. Plug in your USB and format it to Fat32b Right Clicking on it in Computer, (My Computer Windows XP) and selecting format and quick format to Fat32.

Step 2: On the USB create a folder called packages and place the MultiMan.PKG in this folder.

Step 3: Take the USB and plug it into your PS3 and go to the Game section on the XMB and locate Package Manager and select Install from Package Folder and select Multiman and your done. If your Running Rogero or Arch CEX Base, Open Multiman and Select Install Package Files, Hit X on mmss...pkg and then TRIANGLE to install it on the XMB, On the Game portion of the XMB, hit TRIANGLE and press X to install and wala


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  1. Hi how come when I did this the version is lower than the regular mm. IT also says that mm has an update when i load Singstar. How do I know im in stealth mode? Also, do I use either of them or mm to be in stealth being that it doesn't say I need an update?