Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Backup Manager IrisManager V2.42 PS3 CFW

This is IrisManager V 2.42 for your PS3 Running on 4.XX CFW, You need CFW installed on your PS3 in order to use this. This is basically a faster version of Multiman and allows you to back up your games and easily access them from this menu, you can also install PSX ISO files and PS2 games using a combination of this and Multiman.

Step 1:  After Downloading the files from the link below, Extract the Files and you should see the Irismanager_4_X0 folder and more files, Look for the IrisManager_4_x0.PKG file.

Step 2:  Put a Flash drive 2.0 USB into your computer and on the root of the USB mke a folder called "Packages" (no Quotes) and open it, Copy the IrisManager PKG to this folder.

Step 3:  Unplug the USB from your PC and plug it into your PS3 and locate under GAME the Package Manager, then select Install Package from Folder and it will locate the Packages folder on your USB and you will see the IrisManager Package.

Step 4:  Install the Package and than put a game that you wanna save with a backup or follow the text provided to install a PSX ISO (Tutorial Soon) and try it out.

Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/cvqpp23j2ry94xh/irismanager-4-x0.rar

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