Sunday, July 14, 2013

IrisManager V2.60 For PS3 4.46 CFW's

This is the Update for the IrisManager for your PS3 Running on CFW 4.46. Wether you're on CEX or DEX Base this will work for Both.

Step 1: Download the file below and you'll have the irismanger260unofficialps3mod.pkg

Step 2: Take a USB flash drive and plug it into your computer, If you havent already, on the root of the USB make a folder called "packages" (NO QUOTES) and open it.

Step 3: Place either one of the irismanger260unofficialps3mod.pkg into the packages folder on the USB and then unplug the USB and plug it into your PS3

Step 4: Scroll over to the game section and locate Package Manager and open and install or update your IrisManager, if your runing Rogero like I am, open Multiman and go to Install PKG files and locate the irismanager. Press X to que and Triangle to install.

Step 5: When back on the XMB scroll to the games and Hit Triangle on the Bubble for IrisManager and select install and then your good to go


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