Monday, July 8, 2013

PS3ita V1.20 Backup Manager for 4.40 and 4.41 CFW PS3

This is the New PS3ita Manager for managing your Game Backups on 4.40 and 4.41 CEX Base CFW's on your PS3. This is relativly the same thing as IrisManager just a little more Spread out and has some minor bug fixes compaired to Iris.

Step 1:  Download the PS3ita PKG from below, (Source Code optional) and plug in a USB drive with about 1GB of Space on it. On the Root of the USB make a folder called "packages" (No Qoutes) and place the PS3ita PKG in there.

Step 2:  Unplug the USB from your PC and plug it into your PS3. Go over to the Game Section on the PS3 and load your Multiman.

Step 3:  In Multiman, go to *Install Package Files and locate the PS3ita_Manager_120.pkg and press X to Que and than TRIANGLE to exit back to the XMB of the PS3.

Step 4:  In the Game section you'll either see a bubble (Press Triagle on it and click install) or youllhave to go to the App Install Package Files and press X to install it.

Once the install is done open PS3ita Manager and your Good to Go.

NOTE:  This version has many bugs in 4.46 CFW's but will still run.

PS3ita 1.20:

Source Code:

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