Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fan Control Utility V1.8 PS3 CEX/DEX

This is the Fan Control Utility version 1.81 for your PS3 Running on CEX or DEX base Custom Firmware.

Step 1: Download the files below and extract them to wherever you please. Or use a Archive viewing Program (WinRAR) to view the files

Step 2: Plug in your USB device and open it to the Root of the USB. If you have not already Create a folder called "packages" (No Quotes) and open it.

Step 3: Take the controlfanutility181alexanderps3mod.pkg and copy that to the packages folder along with the Sources folder from the files. Unplug your USB and plug it into the PS3.

Step 4: Go to the Game section on the PS3 and locate install Packeges, if your running the new Rogero 4.41 V1.00, open multiman and select install pkg files, install the Control Fan Utility PKG

Step 5: (Multiman Install) go to the XMB game section and select the bubble for Control Fan 1.81 and press Triangle and select install.

Step 6: Open and run the Control Fan 1.81 Tool and the menu will come up and list the controls. Now just change your speed modes with Square, Select mode 2 for custom, and Mode 1 for Default.


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