Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Install iOS 7 Beta Download

This is the New iOS 7 Beta, All the Links are below for what i was able to get and aloong with Tutorials on how to install Them.

Step 1: Download the Latest iTunes on your PC or Mac and then open it. Plug in your Device and Manually Back up your device by Clicking on iPod/iPhone/iPad and go to Summary and Back Up.

Step 2: Once you've backed up your Device, Click Restore iPod/iPhone/iPad. For iPhone 4, 4s and iPad 2 it will restore to 6.1.3 iOS. For iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Retnia Display and iPod 5 it will restore to 6.1.4.

Step 3: Once the Restore Process is complete, Set up your iPhone/iPod/iPad as New iPhone/iPod/iPad in iTunes. Your device should take the Name of your PC or Mac. Once done there Set up the Device on the device but DO NOT log into an Apple ID Account, just skip the step. Get the the Home Screen o the Device and leave it at that.

Step 4: Download your Device IPSW from the links below and extract them. They're in RAR format so you will need and extraction program. Extract the files to your Desktop and go into iTunes.

Step 5: On Windows hold down SHIFT (Mac OSX OPTION) and click Update on your device Summary in iTunes and a window should pop up allowing you to sellect your iOS 7 Beta IPSW manually to update to. Select it and allow iTunes to install it.

Step 6: Once the installation is finished, Unlock your device and get the Summary page back in iTunes and click Restore From Backup. Restore your device from the Backup you made in the beginning and once that is done your free to update to iOS 7 Beta 3 from your device in a few days. It just needs to register.

NOTE: If your using an iPhone and you have no service for a long time, take your SIM card and then plug it back in and you'll be fine. - Wont do it with Phones with no SIM

iPhone 4 CDMA:
iPhone 4 GSM:
iPhone 4S:
iPhone 5 a 1429:
iPhone 5 a 1428:


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