Tuesday, July 2, 2013

iOS 7 Beta Review

This is the iOS 7 Beta 2 Running on my iPhone 4S, The Beta 2 was released 2 Days ago and I had updated from the First Release of the Beta.

The whole theme, as you well know, has been changed, there has been changes to the whole setup of the iOS such as the following below.

Notification Center:

-Displays Calender and Todays Schedule
-Displays Basic Notifications
-Displays Missed Calls


-Pull up screen from Bottom
-Displays Installed Flashlight, Stopwatch, Calculator tools
-Quick settings such as Brightness and Wifi
-Now Playing for iTunes

Search iPhone/iPod

-Drag down on the right of the digitizer for the search bar


-Male or Female
-Different language
-Updated and more understanding

Glitches in the iOS are sometimes crashing and also sometimes the digitizer stops working on the Lock-screen but all in all other than some of the apps not working and the minor inconveniences it's a great new iOS for a Beta

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