Saturday, October 20, 2012

Speed Up Internet Connection Easy DNS Address

This is a tutorial on how to Speed up your internet connection wether you have DSL Broadband or Fiber Optic internet providers. In this video I will go over the Process for Windows 7 and Vista. There will be other tutorials for Mac OSX and Linux Systems.

Step 1:  Download the file provided below called namebench.exe, if you have Linux based download the .tgz file and if Mac download the DMG.

Step 2:  Run the program and it will ask you to extract the files, do so and allow it to complete. Once that is done, leave the basic settings the same and hit continue as shown in the video.

NOTE:  This process will take some time!!

Step 3:  Once the process has been completed, your secondary web browser will pop up, Mine in this case was FireFox. If it ask to install a plugin do so and allow to refresh. You will then get an analysis screen saying it found the best DNS server and what the percentage is of how much faster it is. The two DNS keys at the top right for "Primary and Secondary" are the main focus.

Step 4:  Hit the Start menu and go into Control Panel and select Network and Internet and in there select Network Sharing Center. Once that is up, in the Left menu select "Change Adaptor Settings" and you will see you connections. Now RIGHT CLICK on "Local area Network" and select Properties. (Windows Vista Users will be prompted. Just hit yes). Once inside the properties select on the list "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and hit Properties.

Step 5:  Inside these properties you will see tabs for IP Addresses and DNS Addresses, Uncheck Automatically for the DNS and select manual and this is where you type the Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses given in your Web Browsers Pop up window.

Step 6:  Check the box Validate upon Close, then close the properties, Now after you that the Internet Diagnostics will come up but detect no problems so dont worry your fine.

Now you should be abled to see Download and Upload Speed differences. Enjoy




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