Monday, October 8, 2012

Disassembly Acer Aspire One D255E

This is a Disassembly video on how to take apart the Acer Aspire One D255E, you can use this video on reference on how to disassemble other Acer Aspire computers as well.

Step 1:  Remove the Key board by using a Small flat head screwdriver and release the pins on the top of the keyboard and gently pry the key board up, now open the slide holding the ribbon in place and remove the key board.

Step 2:  Remove the Screws shown in the video, Should be 7, and now flip the laptop over and remove the 7 screws on the bottom, now you'll be able to pry the mouse pad top panel away from the bottom. BE SURE to remove the masking tape (if any) and release the ribbon for the mouse pad itself and then remove the panel.

Step 3:  Flip the computer back over to look at the bottom, Take a small flathead Screw driver and pry off the bottom panel exposing the Hard Drive, Wireless card and RAM (memory).

Step 4:  To remove the Hard Drive, remove the one screw holding it in place, Slide it out and pull up and wala, hard drive is out.

Step 5:  To remove the Wireless card, Remove the one screw holding it in place and also disconnect the white and black antennas and pop it up to a 45 degree angle and slide it out.

Step 6:  Removing the RAM is easy too, take the two latches, one on either side and push them towards the walls of the RAM chamber and the RAM will pop up and simply pull it out.

Step 7:  To remove the motherboard, flip the computer up-right. First Remove the LCD panel at the bottom left corner, Remove the one screw and release the ribbon and remove the panel. Now you want to unplug the LCD Screen, Just pull gently on the cable shown gently till its unplugged. No unplug the AC adaptor, again gently. Now remove the 2 screws holding the speaker in place and unplug the speaker and remove the speaker and finally unplug the webcam from the driver board section top right, now just flip the computer over and push gently on the board.

Step 8:  Once the board is removed you can now remove the Fan and Heat Sync, To do this remove the 2 screws on the fan and the one holding the heat sync in place, now unplug the fan gently and remove the Fan Heat Sync assembly. Now you have the bare board.


Remove the two tabs on the bottom of the screen from uncovering 2 screws, remove these screws and then pry off the front frame gently revealing the interior. Now remove the 2 or 4 screws (depending on the model) holding the screen in place. Now remove the 1 or 2 screws (depending on the model) holding the Web Cam board in place and remove that

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