Friday, October 19, 2012

Better Looking Notifications Ostium

Hello again, this is another tweak video for your Jailbroken iDevice running on IOS 5 or higher. This is called Ostium Notification Splitter. What this does is basically instead of your notifications being dragged down from the top of your devices screen, you can literally split your springboard open from the center. It's pretty cool.

Step 1:  Open Cydia and go to "Manage" then "Sources" and click on Edit and then Add, in the pop-up screen type the following: Then click add and then add anyways and it will add the iHacks Repo to Cydia.

Step 2:  Go to the search tab and search "Ostium Notification Splitter" (No Quotes) and it will come up as shown. Click on the the one from iHacks and click install.

Step 3:  Allow Cydia to install and after the installation you will br prompted to Re-Spring your device, Do so and everything is complete.

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