Friday, October 19, 2012

Audio Explorer for iDevices

This is an Audio Explorer for your Jailbroken iDevice wether it be an iPod, iPhone or iPad running on IOS 5 or higher. Basically what this does is lets you easily brows through your Apps looking for any type of audio files and allows you to play them without having to open the app. This is good if you wanna listen to songs in Tap Tap Revenge or something like that.

Step 1:  Open Cydia and go to the search tab and search Audio Explorer and it will come up as shown.

Step 2:  Simply just click install and confirm and when the installation is complete just return to Cydia or exit it and test out the App.

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  1. @Rob: hey thanks for the review. one question: can you find out the name of the first app listed under the number sign (#), where the name is blank and the icon is missing? That way I could install it myself and see why these things aren't showing up.