Monday, August 26, 2013

Possibly Un-Ban your PS3 with SEN Enabler V5.2

This is the SEN Enabler for CEX Base CFW users on 4.46 Custom Firmware or lower. This allows you to Spoof your Console ID, MAC address, and PSID with the Click of a button and can potentially Un-Ban your Console.

Know Bugs: Only works with some CEX Base CFW's such as Rogero and ARCH.

Step 1: Download the files below and extract to see the folder SEN Enabler V5.2 4.46 CEX. Inside this folder will be the following: SEN ID's Packager Folder, PSID.TXT, MAC.TXT, ConsoleID.TXT, README.TXT, and SEN Enabler v5.2 [CEX] [4.46].pkg

Step 2: Take a USB flash drive and plug it into your PC. On the Root of the USB copy the SEN Enabler v5.2 [CEX] [4.46].pkg as well as the PSID.TXT, MAC.TXT and the ConsoleID.TXT

Step 3: Unplug the USB flash drive from the PC and plug into your PS3. Scroll over to GAME section and locate *Install Package Files and press X. On Rebug Firmwares, Select Last option, other firmwares will just display. Press X on SEN Enabler v5.2 [CEX] [4.46].pkg to install.

Step 4: Run the SEN Enabler 5.2 from your GAME section and wait for the Menu. Press TRIANGLE to enable the Flash Write, then press R3 (Right Analogue Stick) to patch the TXT document Data. If it doesn't work upon reboot try a different 4.46 CEX Base CFW.



  1. is this software used before going online?...or is it used after gettin banned and to unban the console?

    also do i need new ids for this to work?..or shd i just follow the tutorial and not change anythin in the text docs..?

    1. Just follow the tutorial if you get banned =)

  2. I was banned and used this with rogero 4.46 v101 made a new account and got back online no problems =)