Sunday, August 25, 2013

VHBL Install 2.60 Firmware PS Vita

This is the new VHBL for your PS Vita running on OFW 2.60. You will need the following Games for PSP Minis installed on your system Memory stick so you'll need to download this from PSN

You Need:
Arcade Darts (EU Version) PSP Mini
Arcade Darts (US Version) PSP Mini
Arcade Pool (US Version) PSP Mini
Arcade Pool and Snooker (EU Version) PSP Mini
World of Pool PSP Mini
Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling (US Version) PSP Mini
Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling (EU Version) PSP Mini
VHBL for 2.60

Step 1: Download, based on what PSP Mini you have, and install one of the following games above. to the PS Vita System and you can either run the game and make a save data to make the folder on the PC with Content Manager or you can do it manually.

Step 2: Download and extract the VHBL files and when you open up the files you will see a folder called NPEZ00053SLOT00 or something allong those lines, in my Case I'm using the Arcade Darts (US Version) so my folder is NPUZ00097SLOT00

Step 3: Copy This NPEZ00097SLOT00 folder, or whatever on you have, to your X:/My Documents/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/XXXXXXX folder on your PC.

Step 4: after you copy the folder, go on the PS Vita and Start Content Manager. Go to PC then PC to PS Vita and Applications then, Save Data and you will see the VHBL icon for the Games Savedata you have chosen Listed and Copy that to the PS Vita System.

Step 5: Exit Content Manager and Start the game you intend to use the VHBL on, Let the Game load to the main menu and press X Button, Go to load game and Load the Save File and then hit O and the VHBL will load, Some are different as well and there are Text Documents in those Files with the VHBL Savedata folders on how to use them.

Stay tuned for more videos on how to run emulators and homebrew and also be sure to wait for the CEF (Custom Emulation Firmware) as well.

Arcade Darts US:
Arcade Darts EU:
Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling US:
Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling EU:
World of Pool:
Arcade Pool and Snooker EU:
Arcade Pool US:

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