Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wagic Homebrew for PS Vita VHBL

This is the Homebrew Wagic for your VHBL running on your PlayStation Vita System.

Step 1: Download the File from below called Wagic.RAR and extract the Files.

Step 2: Wherever you have your Ps Vita folder on your PC, Locate that and place the Wagic Extracted folder in the X:/My Documents/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/XXXXXXXXXX folder.

Step 3: On the PS Vita, Open Content Manager (CMA) and link up to your Computer, Select PC to PS Vita, Select Applications, then Scroll down to Savedata and select PSP/Other. Select the Wagic Icon and Copy it to the PS Vita System.

NOTE: Know Bug with Copying Wagic in 2.60 Exploit, If it doesn't work the first time, Connect CMA and try again but wait 5 Minutes, It worked for me.

Step 4: Now load up your Exploit Game and boot your VHBL and come to its main screen. Navigate to the SAVEDATA folder and select Wagic. It will ask you "Do you want to install this Homebrew?" Select Yes and then just Boot Wagic from the VHBL folder.


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