Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ReActPSN V2.27 for 4.46 CEX Base CFW PS3

This is ReActPSN, this allows you to back up and store all your DLC EBOOT.BIN files, fix EBOOT.BIN files to work will not connected to PSN/SEN, back up and install RAP files to and from the PS3. This will allow you to use your DLC without having to Connect or download again.
Step 1:  After downloading the file below you will see after extracting there is a README.TXT and the ReactPSN.PKG. The Read Me is just the 3 major functions that i believe to be necessary. The PKG is what you are really going to need.
Step 2:  Take a USB flash drive and place it into your PC and copy the ReActPSN.PKG to the root of the USB Stick. Once  done, Connect the USB to the PS3.
Step 3:  On the PS3, go over to the GAME section and locate *Install Package Files and click X, You will see the ReActPSN V2.27, Click X to install the Package.
Step 4:  Once installed, Boot the Package with one of the following Button Combinations:
[L2] = Backup RAP files
[Triangle] = Fix and Backup EBOOT.BIN
[R2] = Install RAP files from USB
Once you to that you can use these extracted PS3 files to your use and purpose.

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