Friday, September 20, 2013

SNES9XYL Super Nintendo Emulator for PS3 CFW 4.46 CEX/DEX

This is the SNES9X for your PS3 running CFW. This has been tested by me on 4.46 Habib's V2.05 so it will work with 4.XX CFW's both CEX and DEX Base.

Step 1: Download the file below as shown, IV0002-SNES90000_00-SAMPLE0000000001.pkg and leave it on your Desktop. Now take a USB and plug it into your computer or PC.

Step 2: Copy the IV0002-SNES90000_00-SAMPLE0000000001.pkg to the root of the USB, if you have any ROMS and for SNES they will be in SMC format, Make a ROMS folder on the root of the USB and place your ROMS in here for now.

Step 3: Take the USB out of your PC and plug it into your PS3, on the PS3 scroll to the Game section on the XMB and select *Install Package Files and select IV0002-SNES90000_00-SAMPLE0000000001.pkg and install it.

Step 4: After the installation completes, place your ROMS in the emulators folder. Open MultiMan and go to File Manager / MMOS, select PS3 Root and then Select the following directory: HDD0/game/SNES90000/USRDIR/roms This is where you will place your SNES SMC ROM files. Leave that aside and open another PS3 Root this time open your USB with this following directory: (USB in far right slot) USB000/roms select the ROMS individually by scrolling over and pressing X once and then hit O in the blue and COPY, Now go to the Emulator Directory and hit O and Paste.

Step 5: Once you've done that, exit MultiMan and get to the XMB. Scroll to where your SNES9X is and boot it.

Step 6: Once loaded, Hit SELECT and open the options. Now scroll to PATH and hit X on the ROM DIR and now select the HDD0/game/SNES90000/USRDIR/roms and it will always boot on that DIR.

Step 7: Reboot the Emulator and then load up a ROM and Enjoy.


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