Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make a Bootable Windows 7 USB drive

This is a Video on how to make a Bootable Flash Drive for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 to install on a computer that either A: has no CD/DVD Drive or B: Has a Broken one.

Step 1:  Get the Windows CD/DVD you wish to copy and a Flash Drive that is 4GB or bigger and place the DVD into the CD Drive on a PC and plug in the USB stick.

Step 2:  Go to the Start menu and search "CMD" (no quotes) and hit CTRL, ALT and SHIFT at the same time to run it as Administrator.

Step 3:  In CMD type "DISKPART" and it will load up the dispart section of the Command Prompt. After that type "List disk" and it will show you a list of Devices, select the one for your USB Stick.

Step 4:  Once you found the propper one type "select disk X", X being the number of the disk your selecting, and hit enter, now type "clean" to clean that Disk.

Step 5:  Now Type "creat partition primary" and it will make the partition after that select the partition by typing "select partition 1" and then type "active" to make it active.

Step 6:  Time to format the USB stick, you do this by typing "format fs=ntfs" hit enter, this process may take a little while based on the size of the USB stick. When finished Type "assign" to assign the USB a drive letter and then type "exit" to exit the DISKPART sequence but leave CMD open.

Step 7:  Now its time to copy the Boot Log over from the disk. You can't do this by just copying over files so you need to do it through Command Prompt. find the the Drive path letter for your CD/DVD drive, you can do this by going to computer and simply reading, now type "X: CD BOOT", X being the drive letter assigned and it will load the Disc drive. Now Type "CD BOOT" and it will load the file needed.

Step 8:  Using Command Prompt Type "BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 X:", again X being the drive letter of your USB Stick, and hit enter and it will copy the Boot from the Windows installation disk to the USB stick.

Step 9:  Now once that is done you can Exit CMD, and now open up your USB stick and your CD/DVD drive in two separate windows and copy the Files from the Windows Installation disk over to the USB Flash drive and your ready to install windows via USB

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