Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DarkFrost PSP Cheat Device

This is a tutorial on how to install and use the seplugin DarkFrost. DarkFrost is a cheat device for your PSP running on CFW 6.XX (meaning all the 6.00 CFW's). This allows you to use cheats in games on the PSP and the game won't even notice. Best thing is, the cheats automatically run as long as this plugin is enabled.

After downloading the DarkFrost v5 file, extract the files and you will see the DarkFrost v5 folder. Open this folder and you will see and INSTALL and AUTOINSTALL folder. Open the INSTALL folder and you will see the seplugins, PSP and darkfrost folder.

Step 1: Take the darkfrost folder and copy it to the root of the PSP memory stick (MS) or the root of the internal memory (HDD) of a PSP Go so either ms0:/darkfrost or ef0:/darkfrost.

Step 2: In the extracted files open the seplugins folder and you will see the nitePR folder and a Game.txt. copy the nitePR folder to the seplugins folder on your PSP, this is where your cheat BAT will be going, the codes you place in the DarkFrost/codes folder. Now in the Game.txt in the seplugins folder on your PSP open it and type the following

PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 or MS on PSP Go
ms0:/darkfrost/darkfrost.prx 1

ef0:/darkfrost/darkfrost.prx 1

Exit and save the Game.txt and then exit USB mode.

Step 3: Go into the Recovery menu or Plugins manager and enable the Darkfrost for GAME and your done. Now just copy the cheats to the ms0:/darkfrost/codes folder.

Link: http://www.softwarereborn.com/uploads/3/5/5/2/3552885/darkfrost_v5.rar

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