Monday, December 12, 2011

Ubuntu and Windows

This is a video on how to install Ubuntu along side Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7. This is called a dual boot where you have more than one operating system (OS) on your PC or Laptop.

Step 1: Go to and download the latest Ubuntu software ISO Disc image and burn it to a disc using Windows Disc Image Burner or some other 3rd party program that burns Disc Image Files.

Step 2: Go to your Start menu and Right Click on Computer, on Windows XP it will be the My Computer icon on your desktop, and Click Manage. A window will pop up and on the left side you should see Disc Management, Click Disc Management.

Step 3: This will now show your partitions. Fresh installed OS computers, meaning you just bought it, you should see a Primary C: Partition and a Recovery Partition. Focus on the C: Partition and right click on it on the partition table and select Shrink volume. After it calculates how much you can shrink the partition, select how much you want to shrink out, Recommended about 35GB but you can do more or less if you wish and then hit OK or Shrink and then just leave it like that.

Step 4: After the shrink has been completed, Exit Disc Management and Pop the Ubuntu Disc you have created into your PC or Laptop and then re-boot your Computer.

Step 5: Hit F12 or F9 depending on your Computer, to get to the Boot Manager or Boot Menu and select Boot from CD/DVD and allow it to boot the installer and then proceed.

Step 6: Click install Ubuntu and you should see a Partition screen should come up. Select the partition that you have created and then hit install. When the screen comes up asking for internet, either connect to your Wifi or Ethernet cable and hit next and allow Ubuntu to install. DO NOT Install updates or third party programs yet!!!!!

Step 7: After the installation is complete, the system will Reboot and you will have a Custom Boot screen now every time You boot your Computer. Select Ubuntu Version 11.10 or what every version you downloaded and hit enter. Ubuntu will load and now just run the Updates and your done Ubuntu is Successfully installed.


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