Monday, December 5, 2011

Convery Any File To X Format Factory

This is the Program for Windows XP/Vista and 7 called Format Factory. This program is freeware and allows you to convert any video files to what ever you want, example AVI - MPG, Audio to whatever you want, Example MP3 to FLAC, Any Photo to whatever you want, Example JPG to PNG, and also Rip DVD's and create ISO or CSO files.

Step 1: After downloading the File Run the Execute file and Hit yes is the security prompt comes up.

Step 2: Hit next and be sure to un-check the check box that says "install Toolbar" cause that will just slow your computer down and you will notice the bottom two will become unavailable and then hit next and then install.

Step 3: After the install is finished leave both check boxes checked and then the program will automatically start and proceed to converting files.

Step 4: Pick what you want to do whether it be Video, Audio, Photo, CD, DVD or ISO to CSO, in this example im going to use video but the same applies to all the same process. Select video and click what you want to convert to so lets say AVI. Click it and a window will pop up. Click add file and select to convert to AVI. This program supports all types, ill you MP4 for my selected video. Now that i selected my XXX.MP4 hit OK and you will see the video is added to the window below. the hit Start and let it convert.

Step 5: Once the conversion is done it should be located in your C:/Users/XXXX/Documents/FFOutput in other words in your My Documents folder. and your done converting


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