Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Screenshot Plugin PRXShot

This is an SEplugin that enables you to be able to take a screenshot on the XMB or in Gameplay on your PSP running on Custom Firmware (CFW) 5.00 to 6.60 on all PSP models. Also works with Light CFW (LCFW).

Step 1: After downloading, extract the files and you will see the prxshot 0.2 folder and open it and then open the prxshot folder inside that folder and find the prxshot.prx.

Step 2: on the PSP, if you haven't already, make an "seplugins" folder on the root of the Memory Stick (MS) or on the root of the HDD if your using a PSP Go. Open the seplugins folder and copy the prxshot.prx into this folder.

Step 3: Create, if you havent already, a VHS.txt and a GAME.txt and in both of them write the following PSP Go HDD "efo:/seplugins/prxshot.prx 1" PSP MS "ms0:/seplugins/prxshot.prx 1" and exit and save both of the text documents.

Step 4: On the PSP go to the Recovery Menu and go to plugins and make sure that the prxshot for GAME and VSH is enabled and go back to the XMB and now in order to take a screenshot on the XMB or in Gameplay just hit the "note" key, the button with the music note on it and it will save the picture to the directory automatically created in the PICTURE directory.

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7548E26O

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