Friday, October 18, 2013

4.50 Spoofer for 4.XX CFW PS3

This is a homebrew installer PKG that allows you to spoof your Firmware on your PS3. This is for the following firmwares:

SGK CFW 4.46
Rogero CFW 4.46
Rogero CFW 4.30, 4.40, 4.41
Rebug CFW 4.46

Step 1: Select the proper download below and extract the file from the file you have downloaded, you WILL need an extraction program (WinRAR). you will have a (firmware)(Version)Spoof.PKG

Step 2: Plug in a USB flash drive and copy the PKG to the Root of the USB and then once it's done copying, unplug the USB and place it in your PS3.

Step 3: On the PS3 locate *Install Package Files and install the Package for your spoofer. Rebug CFW's wil need to select Basic Folder.

Step 4: To enable or disable the spoof at any time just run the application from XMB under GAME.

Rogero 4.46:
Rogero 4.30 4.40 4.41:
Rebug 4.46:

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