Sunday, April 22, 2012

6.XX PRO C Beta Install

This is a tutorial on how to install the new 6.XX CFW PRO C Beta 0.05. This is ONLY TO BE INSTALLED ON PRO B-10!!! It Can be used on 6.20, 6.35, 6.39 and 6.60 PRO B-10 CFW's.

After Downloading the File 6.XXPRO-CPublicBeta0.05.RAR, Open or extract the files and you will see a,, and a, I will use the because i am using 6.60 PRO B-10 CFW. Open the and you will see the seplugins, kd, and the doc folders. We are only focusing on the kd folder in this tutorial.

Step 1: Open the kd folder and you will see the following: pspnet_miniupnc.prx, pspnet_adhocctl.prx, pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx, pspnet_adhoc_auth.prx, pspnet_adhoc.prx, memab.prx, and the HOME.PBP Dont worry about the HOME.PBP just focus on the .prx files.

Step 2: On the PSP activate USB mode and go to the root of the memory stick, or the root of the HDD (PSP Go), and if you haven already create a new folder called "seplugins" (no quotes) and open it, In the seplugins folder make two new text documents, if you havent already, called "VSH" and "GAME" (no quotes)

Step 3: Take the pspnet_miniupnc.prx, pspnet_adhocctl.prx, pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx, pspnet_adhoc_auth.prx, pspnet_adhoc.prx, and the memab.prx and copy them to the seplugins folder now open up both the text documents VSH and GAME and write the following:

Memory Stick:
ms0:/seplugins/pspnet_miniupnc.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhocctl.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc_auth.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/memab.prx 1

PSP Go Internal Memory:ef0:/seplugins/pspnet_miniupnc.prx 1
ef0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhocctl.prx 1
ef0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx 1
ef0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc_auth.prx 1
ef0:/seplugins/pspnet_adhoc.prx 1ms0:/seplugins/memab.prx 1Step 4: Exit the GAME and VSH text files and save the changes and the exit USB mode on the PSP and hit the SELECT button on the system and go reset the VSH, then go into your Recovery menu and make sure that they are enabled for both GAME and VSH.Now you can play games online and via adhoc connection (PSP to PSP) with no problem, example game Final Fantasy Dissidia. Now Remember ONLY TO BE USED WITH PRO B-10 CFW


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