Wednesday, February 22, 2012

XBOX 360 Red Ring Fix

Tis is a video on how to Fix your XBOX 360 that has any of the Red Rings, This does not fix the E-68 because that is a HDD problem. In this video, I go step by step in dis-assembly to cleaning and heat treating the board, to applying therman compound and re-assembly.

Small Flat Head Screwdriver
T-10 and T-8 Tork Screwdriver
Rubbing Alcohol and WD-40
Thermal Compound
Heat Gun
Something to Pry with for X-Clamps
Cotton Balls or Cu-Tips

Step 1: Take a Small Flat Head Screwdriver and after removing the front panel, take the screwdriver and pop out the grey or black if its an Elite, side panels by releasing the pins shown in the video

Step 2: Using the same small Flat Head Screwdriver, on the back of the XBOX you will see 7 slots, those slots contain clips that need to be pushed in. Use the flat head to push these in and relieve the clips and the XBOX will pop open on the back side, then relieve the clips on the front with either the screwdriver or your fingernails and the bottom of the XBOX casing will come off.

Step 3: Take the T-10 Tork screwdriver and remove the 6 long screws and the 9 short screws holding the motherboard in place. Then take the T-8 Tork screwdriver and remove the 8 X-Clamp screws. Flip the XBOX over and remove the top panel of the casing.

Step 4: Now remove the disk drive by lifting up on the back and the front and then unplug the power and the sata cable. Also take out the white ventilation for the heat syncs by using a flat head screwdriver to pop the pin in the center down and pull it out. Also unplug the fans.

Step 5: The main panel on the front of the XBOX has the white flap on it, remove the top firs and then slide it down and off, remove the 3 screws with a T-8 Tork screwdriver and then pull out the board. Once that is done, lift up on he front of the main board and slide it out forward.

Step 6: Take the pry tool that you have selected and place it in between the X-clamp and where screw goes and push down towards the board so that you lift up the X-clamp, then simply pry on the sides of the joints and remove the X-clamps and the heat syncs and now you have just the board.

Step 7: Take either Alcohol or WD-40 to clean off the Heat syncs and the processors with a cotton ball or cu-tip. If using WD-40, wipe down with Alcohol after.

Step 8: Heat Treat the board with a Heat Gun, Preheat the board for about 2:30 minutes to 4:00 minutes, Then with a circular motion heat up the CPU and GPU for about 5:00 minutes, Then re-heat the board for about another 2:30 to 4:00 minutes so it cool evenly and let the board cool for about 1 to 2 hours minimum.

Step 9: Once the Board has cooled down, Clean the Processors on last time with Alcohol and then apply Thermal Compound for a layer just on top of the chips.

Step 10: Place the heat syncs on at a time on the board, I recommend doing the Square one first, place it on the board and flip it over, heat sync to the table and apply pressure to the board, take an X-clamp and place two of the clamps by just sliding them on then using the pry tool, pry the other two clamps into place and wait till you hear them click. do the same with the other heat sync.

Step 11: Take the white ventilation plastic piece and place it into place on the board, then take the disk drive and plug in the power and sata cables and put the drive into place, plug in the fans and then take the top of the XBOX panel and place it on and flip the XBOX over showing where the screws go. Take the 9 shorter screws and screw them in with a T-10 Tork and the 8 x-clamp screws with a T-8 Tork screwdriver. Flip it back over and remove the top panel again.

Step 12: Take the front power board and place it into place and screw in the 3 screws with a T-8 Tork, after that place the white flap with the arrows pointing up back on bottom first and then put the top exterior panel back on. Flip the XBOX over and screw in the 6 long screws to hold the top panel in place.

Step 13: Put the Disk driver button back into place and be sure it clicks, then take the bottom exterior panel and place it on front first and it should just click into place, on the back push it in and then press against the back of the XBOX until they all click into place. Put the side panels on and then test out your now fixed XBOX 360


  1. Hi, i have a console that turns on and u can hear everything but i cant see anything... what do i do?

    1. Hey brotha sorry for the late reply, had problems with my notifications but you can use this same process, your video inputs are loos or the GPU is loose but this process will work