Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change your PS3 Hard Drive

This is a video on how to Change your PS3's Hard Drive (HDD). You must use a SATA HDD it cannot be IDE.

Step 1: Remove Door/Flap on the bottom of the PS3.

Step 2: Remove Blue Screw.

Step 3: Turn the PS3 so that your reading "PlayStation 3 correctly and turn the hinge on the HDD port out and slide it to the right first and then pull out towards you and you will be holding the HDD.

Step 4: Remove all four (4) screws on the HDD holder and slide out the HDD.

Step 5: Place the NEW HDD in the holder and put the four (4) screws back in to secure the HDD. Make sure that the SATA ports are exposed and are not blocked.

Step 6: Slide in the holder with the hinge facing out and now slide it to the left and it will click/secure into place.

Step 7: Put back the blue screw and place the door/cover back on

Step 8: Plug in your AC (power), AV cables (Audio Video), Ethernet and boot up the system.

Step 9: Format the HDD and wait.

Step 10: Reboot the system and wait for your PS3 to boot to the XMB and your done.

NOTE: Be SURE to back up all SAVE DATA before doing this Also must re-download all GAME DATA UTILITY once this is done

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