Friday, June 24, 2011

PSP Firmware 9.90 Fix

This is a video on how to fix the updating problem on the PSP Custom Firmware (CFW) 5.50 GEN or Prometheus 4. If you ever get the error that says your running on 9.90 and there is no need to update, well heres how to fix that problem.

Step 1: Take your PSP and hit the SELECT button on the XMB and your VSH menu will appear. Change your USB device to "flash 0" and then hit SELECT again to leave the VSH menu.

Step 2: Plug in a USB cable and activate USB mode on the PSP and go to your My Computer (windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista/7) and locate the removable drive for your PSP.

Step 3: Locate the vsh folder and open it and then inside that folder locate the etc folder and open that and you should see a version.txt

Step 4: open the version.txt document.

Step 5: the first set of number should say "9.90" if you are having this problem. Change those numbers to "5.50" and then save and exit the version.txt document.

Step 6: exit USB mode and go back to the XMB and hit SELECT and change your USB device to Memory Stick (MS) and SELECT to exit and save and your done.

Now you can Update no problem :p


  1. hey i did as stated but my psp said that it had a configuration error and that it cant be updated. error code: DRNFFFFFFD7

    1. What kind of PSP are you using cause if you have a PSP 3000 model or higher you wont need to do this option, if you are usinf a PSP 1000, 2000 or 2000v2 than you need to go into the flash0:/ and edit the text file stated and make sure you only change the first numbers