Monday, September 24, 2012

Have Custom Wallpapers on Windows 7 Starter

This is a PC tutorial for Windows 7 Starter users, if you want a custom background wallpaper for your desktop, here's how to do it. You will need two things the file provided below and a Windows 7 Starter edition Operating system.

Step 1:  Download the file below with the link provided and save it, extract the files and you will see the Application file. Run the Application and allow it to install to your system settings.

Step 2:  After installing it will call for a Reboot so go ahead and reboot your PC

Step 3:  After the reboot, you'll notice their custom logo come up on the Desktop, open the program and manually choose the background of your choice and check the box in the left hand corner, if you want a slideshow on your Desktop check multiple photos and save the changes and presto! Backgrounds on Windows 7 Starter.

Link :

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