Sunday, April 8, 2018

WonderFox DVD Video Converter PRO (Review)

This is a Program called DVD Video Converter PRO by WonderFox Inc. This software is used for converting video files to different types of video files as well as converting them to audio as well.


NOTE:  I DO NOT own any rights to this software, I am only a tester and reviewer of this program

Copyright: WonderFox Inc. 2018


You can also use this program to download URL videos directly to your HDD of your PC for an example, YouTube videos or Kiss Anime!!

Lastly, you can use this program to RIP DVD's to your HDD as well as RIP DVD ISO's to your HDD and then convert these videos to run on specific devices.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PS3 CEX Base CFW 4.76 Habib V 1.00

This is the latest CFW for PS3 users running a Custom Firmware PS3 on a CEX Base Firmware.

Note:  Will need to update Multiman and other file Managers possibly.

Step 1:  Download the file from the link below and extract the folder PS3.

Step 2:  Check to make sure that its set as the following PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

Step 3:  Place the PS3 folder with the files inside as well onto a Flash drive and plug into CEX Base CFW PS3

Step 4:  Go to system Update and "Update Via storage media" and you should see the 4.76 PS3 Update

Step 5:  Install the update and wait for the prompts and reboots. and there ya have it.


MultiMan 4.80.00 CEX Base Custom Firmware for PS3 Stealth Install

This is the latest version of MultiMan with StealthMan patches 4.80.00 for your Custom Firmware (CFW) PS3 running a CEX base CFW.

Step 1:  After Downloading the file below, extract the multiMAN_04.80.00_BASE_(20160828).pkg.580.v04.80.00_brewology_com.pkg as well as the report_data.txt files to a Flash Drive and make sure the files are on the root of the flash drive.

Step 2:  Re-name the report_data.txt to anyfilename.self

Step 3:  Remove your flash drive and pop it into your PS3.

Step 4:  On your PS3's XMB scroll to *Install Package files. (If you do not have this, and you've already updated your MultiMan you may have to downgrade your CFW inorder to use MultiMan to update) Then select MultiMan 4.80.00 PKG and update Multiman.

Step 5:  After updating MultiMan, run the application and go to your file browser and access your USB000 or USB001 as shown in the video and double click on the anyfilename.self file. This will install the StealthMan patch files for 4.80 and will return to the XMB after it is completed.

And that's it your done


Custom Firmware REBUG 4.80.1 CEX/DEX Base PS3 (Re-Upload)

This is CFW 4.80.1 REBUG for your Playstation 3 Running Custom Firmware and for both CEX and DEX Base. Download links are below as well as a link to the updated REBUG Tool Box 2.02

Step 1:  Select the proper firmware for your console that you need to download. If your running CEX base CFW click the CEX Link and for DEX Base users (DemoCFW) click the DEX Link.



Step 2:  Plug a flash drive into your PC/Mac and on the USB Root create a folder called PS3

Step 3:  On your USB flash drive inside the PS3 folder create another folder called UPDATE.

Step 4:  Place your downloaded file into this UPDATE folder and rename the file PS3UPDAT.PUP

Step 5:  Remove your Flash drive from your PC/Mac and plug it into your CEX/DEX Base CFW PS3 and scroll to system update on your XMB

Step 5:  Select the Update and let it install.

NOTE:  The CEX Base can be installed over any CFW. Also if you don't have MultiMan 4.80 or higher you will need to update!!

And thats it your done installing CFW REBUG 4.80.1 DEX/CEX on your PS3

REBUG Toolbox 2.02:

New Update used to activate internal Cobra driver for CEX/DEX Base users. Just scroll to Package Manager and Install New Package files and select REBUG Toolbox 2.02 and install new or over the older version.

REBUG Toolbox 2.02:


This is the latest CFW for your PSP running OFW 6.61. Introducing CFW 6.61 ME 2.3 for all PSP Models.

Step 1:  Download the files below based upon what model you have.

PSP 1001/2001:

PSP 1001/2001 OFW Version:

PSP 2000V2/3001/Go:

Step 2:  Once you've dowloaded the selected files be sure to update your PSP to 6.61 Official Firmware.

Step 3: Extract the files to a folder and you will see the files stated in the video.

Step 4:  Plug your PSP into USB mode and select the drive on your computer and go to the directory on your Memory stick (System storage if using Go) as the following ms0:/PSP/GAME (PSP GO ef0:/PSP/GAME

Step 5:  Copy the Installer and Launcher folders to the PSP GAME Folder and exit USB Mode.

NOTE:  If you want to install the LEDA PRX just copy the PRX to ms0:/seplugins and use your VSH.txt and type ms0:/seplugins/leda.prx 1 and enable the plugin via recovery menu later

Step 6:  Run the Installer on your PSP from the game section and press X in the installer to Flash CFW files.

Step 7:  PSP 3000/GO ONLY : set all your settings in your recovery menu and VSH menu and run the Launcher app and your done.

PS Vita Cracked!! 3.60 Official Firmware MolecularShell

This is how to install the file manager client MolecularShell on your PSVita running Official firmware 3.60

NOTE: this will only work with 3.60 Official firmware or lower if you are over you have to wait for the updated version

Step 1: Power on your PSVita and be sure that your Wi-Fi is enabled

Step 2: navigate to the following address using your web browser application

Step 3: once on the webpage select install on the screen and allow it to install the patches. This will also install the program if your screen goes gray and says please wait or if you get an error message don't worry just keep trying if you try more than eight times reboot your PSVita and repeat step two.

Step 4: once you've successfully install the program open it up and you should only see highlighted folder that says UX0:/ this is your memory stick or system memory on your system hit start and scroll down to enable on safe homebrew and turn that on then hit start and exit molecular shell by hitting the PS button and swiping to the left.

Step 5: reboot molecular shell and now you should see all the other folders available and I will be able to freely use the FTP client and that will be in my next video

Congratulations you just successfully cracked your PS Vida running official firmware 3.60

PS Vita Cracked!! Install VitaShell 1.42 using MolecularShell FTP

This is a video on how to configure and use MolecularShell FTP client on your PSVita running 3.60 Official firmware running the HENKaku exploit.

Step 1:  Install the MolecularShell using the HENKaku exploit by watching this video here,
If you've already done this, skip to step 2


Step 2: Download VitaShell.vpk from above and open up your MolecularShell and be sure that the Unsafe Homebrew environment is enabled/switched to ON. how to do that is simply hit the START button on your Vita while in MolecularShell and turn the option to ON. Once that's done, exit and reboot the application and you will see more folders available.

Step 3:  Activate the FTP client on the Vita by hitting the SELECT button with the application open and you will see an IP address pop up kinda like this "" what ever that says is what is going to be copied to your PC for file transfer.

Step 4:  On your PC navigate to My Computer, Computer or This PC depending on witch version of windows your running and right click on the blank space and select "Add a network location" the wizard will open up and just select "Next" then select "Choose a custom network location" and hit Next. You will be asked to input an IP and that's where you will copy your "" or whatever your numbers are in that slot. Proceed with the process and you can rename the connection if you want.

Step 5:  Once completed, you can now access your Vita with your FTP client, if you click on the connection you just made you will see your files on your Vita, we are going to navigate to ux0:/

Step 6:  Navigate to the directory "ux0:/VitaShell" now just copy the VitaShell.vpk to this folder.

Step 7:  On the Vita in your MolecularShell navigate to that same folder and press X on the package and it will prompt you for install, hit X again and your done.

NOTE:  I recommend using VitaShell for bigger files for transfer because MolecularShell runs into problems transferring large files but for installing small VPK files its fine.