Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is a Program for Windows XP and Windows Vista/7 and it's called Convert ISO 2 EBOOT. You can use this on any ISO file for PSP GAME FILES. This will convert your ISO files to EBOOT so that you can run them on your PSP running OFW or CFW so thats one thing that good about it, another is that on the newer Light Custom Firmwares (LCFW), some ISO or CSO files have either caused the PSP system to crash or freeze. This fixes that :p

Step 1: Download the ISO2EBOOT.exe and run it and its going to ask you if you want to run and click "yes" or "ok"

Step 2: type in the directory of the ISO file that you wish to convert, I like to use the Desktop to make it easy so have the ISO on the desktop and type the following into the Black txt box "C:\Desktop\XXXXXX.iso" and then click the Dialogue button under the black TXT box and wait.

Step 3: After the program says congratulations complete, on your Desktop you should see an "iso" folder and a "PSP" folder. You can delete the iso folder if you wish and in the PSP folder there is a Game folder and the Folder inside there contains your eboot.

Step 4: Take that folder and place it on your PSP in the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder or if your using Internal HDD on PSP GO, ef0:/PSP/GAME folder and your done.


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